Founded in faith in 1976 by Father Roger Killeen, Emmanuel House Support Centre is an independent charity that supports homeless, vulnerable and isolated adults in Nottingham.

Our main aim is to prevent people becoming homeless and to support those who are homeless into accommodation.

We provide diverse and accessible services that meet people’s basic needs. As well as delivering direct support, Emmanuel House helps people connect with any one of the 100+ support services and organisations we’re in touch with. People are supported to access the service that best suits their needs around mental health, substance misuse, domestic violence or offending histories.

Support Centre

The support centre operates a drop-in service that offers clothing, showers, a sense of community, the ability to connect with others, mental health and wellbeing support and communication facilities.

Night Shelter

The Nottingham Night Shelter is an integral part of the plan to reduce homelessness in the city of Nottingham. It provides emergency shelter, acceptance, physical and emotional support, and encouragement in making positive changes including securing long term accommodation solutions.

Outreach Team

Our outreach team is made up of the Wellbeing Support Team, Rough Sleeping Navigators and the Single Support Service, mental health support and a BAME Tenancy and Outreach Support Worker.

Emmanuel House Charity Shop

We also have an on-site charity shop, which brings in much needed income for Emmanuel House and is a place for service users to gain first-hand work experience.

Emmanuel House has always prided itself on providing a safe and supportive environment whilst working towards practical solutions that meet the individuals needs.

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