Founded in faith in 1976 by Father Roger Killeen, Emmanuel House Support Centre supports homeless, vulnerable and isolated adults in Nottingham.

Our history centre’s on supporting the most vulnerable citizens in Nottingham without prejudice or judgement; with that in mind, we strive  to provide diverse and accessible services that meet basic need and empower individuals to make positive changes in their lives.

We welcome between 60-90 visitors each weekday and 30-50 on weekends. This equates to almost 2000 visits a month, with new visitors each year, all of whom have complex and multiple needs. With roughly 70 hot meals a day being served, we provide the basic needs for homeless and vulnerably housed adults in Nottingham. We currently have 35 members of staff and over 70 volunteers who regular support the organisation.

We also have an on-site charity shop, which brings in much needed income for Emmanuel House and is a place for service users to gain first-hand work experience.

Emmanuel House has always prided itself on providing a safe and supportive environment whilst working towards practical solutions that meet the individuals needs.

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