While Emmanuel House has maintained its charitable vision, it has successfully grown as a business.  It has developed a reputation for delivering what it says it will deliver and delivering high quality standards. 

The charity is respected across Nottingham as evidenced in 2019 when people contributed £23,000 in five days for a new boiler.  Our success is complimented by many successful business in Nottingham that support the charity.

According to the latest figures, 4,677 people are estimated to be sleeping rough in England on any one night. 358 of these in the East Midlands. This is an increase of 14% from 2017 to 2018, and an increase of 169% since 2010*

More and more companies like yours are now getting involved to help.

These companies aren’t just supporting people on the streets but more importantly, preventing homelessness and supporting people out of homelessness into accommodation and settlement.

This is why Emmanuel House exists. Emmanuel House provides a wide range of support and services to prevent homelessness, provide the earliest possible intervention and to enable people to recover from homelessness. Between 60 and 90 people visit the centre per day and in 2018 Emmanuel House had a footfall of 20,337 who benefitted from our life-changing support

With your support we can provide

  • Essential survival services such as hot food and drinks, an opportunity to change into clean, dry clothing, shower and laundry facilities 
  • Support in: Mental Health, Tenancy and Resettlement, Benefits and Welfare, Training and Workshops and access to the Winter Shelter.
  • Social activities to encourage interaction and tackle isolation issues, such as the allotment project, Streetwise Opera, Art Group, Womanual (Women’s) Group, walking club and buddy scheme.

How it will benefit your organisation 

  • Opportunity to generate PR as part of your CSR Policy
  • Raised brand awareness
  • Staff engagement, recruitment and retention and team building
  • Collaborative creative opportunities 
  • Increased credibility within the local community
  • Stronger relationships with your stakeholders 
  • Networking opportunities

There are many ways businesses like yours can make a difference:

  • Like / Share / Promote Emmanuel House via social media
  • Collection pot or bucket at workspace  
  • Clothing and food donation collection 
  • One Day Volunteer Challenge
  • One-off fundraising event with colleagues – sponsored run / football match / family day / BBQ
  • Regular fundraising events (monthly or seasonal) – company bake off / dress down day / pizza party 
  • Advice and support with specialist areas of expertise
  • A % of fees per month donated to on-going fundraising total 
  • Sponsor a nominated service / project 
  • Nominate us as your charity of 2019 by undertaking all of the above! 

Does your organisation want to make a difference to Nottingham? Email Lauren for more information.

*Figures taken from Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government 2019 report. Source: Homeless.org.uk