Watch Sanctuary, a short film for Emmanuel House Support Centre, from the director of Lone and BBC One’s Soul Boy, Luke Radford.

Please note, this film explores themes relating to abuse, suicide and trauma. If you need support in relation to the issues within the film, please visit our film resources page.

Watch Lone, a film for Emmanuel House Support Centre.

We support the most vulnerable citizens in Nottingham without prejudice or judgment in order to tackle isolation, vulnerability and homelessness. We strive to provide diverse and accessible services that meet basic needs and empower individuals to make positive changes in their lives.

Access to Emmanuel House’s services and access to the Nottingham Winter Shelter are FREE. 

Any individual, no matter their economic status, resident status, sexual orientation, gender identity, race or country of origin are able to access the service

With no statutory funding for our core services, we rely on donations from individuals, schools, fundraising and businesses to continue providing much needed support and services to the homeless and vulnerably housed in Nottingham. Find out how to donate quickly here.

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