Outreach mental health support to people who are homeless


South Nottinghamshire (Rushcliffe, Broxtowe, Gedling)

The team:

Asia, who works 18.5 hours a week


The Mental Health in the County role is funded by the NHS’s Clinical Commissioning Group.

What we do:

  • Provide one-to-one support relating to mental health issues
  • Have face-to-face contact with beneficiaries
  • Accompany beneficiaries to appointments
  • Co-ordinate packages of emotional and wellbeing support

“People are often fed up with asking for medical help, whether it’s physical or mental. They often have bad experiences and think that nobody can understand them and nobody is able to help. This can be very hard, particularly on the top of the other difficulties they’re experiencing. Sometimes a few phone calls to professionals will break that cycle and the person is able to get the attention and help they need.”

– Asia

Who we help:

“I’ve got a feeling that at last someone understands me and what I’m going through. Thanks to the medication I’m finally able to sleep (maybe even too much). Looking forward to getting better, get back on track with my life and go back to work.”

– Beneficiary

Beth’s story:

20-year-old Beth* was referred to the MHST as she had lost her job due to ill mental health. She had got into heavy debt and was sleeping in a car. When Asia met Beth, she had been moved into supported accommodation. The initial support from the MHST was around emotional support, as Beth had a personality disorder. Beth obtained a council flat and Asia made applications for white goods, flooring and an emergency basic furniture pack. She is settling into her new accommodation but her mental health is still poor.

The data:

Asia currently works with 14 beneficiaries, primarily supporting people with their mental health, but also people with ‘Multiple & Complex Needs’.

Between April and September 2021, she has had 31 new cases.

“It doesn’t matter if someone is British or not – if they have a problem with addiction, health issues, or are an ex-offender, we will make sure we find someone who will help them, no matter what.”

– Asia