Positive outcomes at Emmanuel House

We are currently offering support, clothing, showers, IT access and haircuts to people who are homeless, rough sleeping, or in crisis and at risk of homelessness. People can come to the hatch at the front of Emmanuel House and book an appointment with our support staff.

Here are two stories about people who have recently used our services.

Alice* arrived at Emmanuel House in early August to see if we could help as she was living in a tent. Her mental health was poor and she was in distress.

One of our support workers arranged for Alice to have a housing assessment and within a week, Alice was offered private rented accommodation.

We continued to support Alice to maintain her benefits and she is now settled into her new home.

Daniel* came to Emmanuel House in distress, as he couldn’t understand what was happening to him within the benefits system. He thought he’d been forgotten.

Our support worker found out that he was awaiting a phone assessment about his benefits, which had been delayed because of lockdown. We reassured Daniel that he hadn’t been forgotten.

He was very relieved when he finally received a letter about his results but couldn’t understand what it meant. We explained that he was also now entitled to additional benefits to pay for his care needs, which meant his bills were reduced.

Daniel is now able to pay for a carer and no longer has to worry about money.

If you’d like to know more about the work we do at Emmanuel House, get in touch. If you’re thinking of fundraising for us, send Rosie an email at rosie.needhamsmith@emmanuelhouse.org.uk – we’d love to hear about it.