Nottingham Night Shelter case study: “You were life savers”

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the government’s ‘Everyone In’ policy, the Nottingham Night Shelter moved into a hotel on 27th March 2020. We’ve been providing much-needed support during a period of crisis and have enabled rough sleepers to self-isolate in individual rooms throughout the pandemic.

As well as private rooms with en-suite facilities, hot showers, housing advice and health support, our Nottingham charity is also providing guests with food, drinks and snacks with the help of other voluntary sector organisations.

We’re pleased to be able to share this recent case study, as a result of the work of our support staff.

Steve*, a 26-year-old British male, came to the hotel during the summer, after being seen rough sleeping.  

Steve had come to Nottingham from Cambridge to go to university. After lockdown his mental health had deteriorated and he had not attended online studies. As a result, he had lost his place on his course at university.

When we first met Steve, he wanted to return to his studies, so our support staff arranged telephone calls to the university. He was then supported to make a claim for benefits and we helped him to complete the relevant university forms.

When Steve changed his mind and wanted to return to Cambridge to be near his family, we supported him by contacting the university and he completed a telephone assessment.

Duty for Steve was accepted by Cambridge Council. We supplied him with taxi fare and a train ticket so that he could return to his family area. We also arranged for him to stay in a hostel when he returned to Cambridge.

Steve said: “Everyone at the night shelter was wonderful. You were life savers and treated me like a king, with dignity and respect. I wouldn’t have known what to do without coming to the hotel and I would not be returning to my family area today. You were all fantastic.” 

When we first met Steve, he lacked motivation because his mental health was fragile. He needed encouragement and reminders from staff about appointments. On the day he left, he was motivated and smiling.

* Names and information have been altered to protect identities.