How will Emmanuel House be operating during lockdown 3.0?

Our priority, amidst delivering our services, is to reduce the risk of staff, service users and volunteers from becoming ill, as well as ensuring their welfare. It’s business as usual at Emmanuel House as we continue to support some of Nottingham’s most vulnerable people through these challenging times. 

The lockdown has presented us with some significant challenges – the reduction in face-to-face contact with our beneficiaries, an ever-increasing need for electronic communication, a rise in loneliness and isolation – but despite this, we continue to do everything we can to prevent people becoming homeless and to support those who are homeless into accommodation.

How is Emmanuel House Support Centre operating during lockdown 3.0?

  • Offering services by appointment to people who are homeless, rough sleeping, or in crisis and at risk of homelessness, including support, food, clothing, showers and IT access.
  • Giving out winter clothing and provisions, including sleeping bags, tents, toiletries and underwear, in a COVID-secure manner. 
  • Telephone helpline providing support for incoming questions and queries from our service users.
  • Wellbeing checks for clients, ensuring service users are supported with any issues.
  • Daily phone calls to high-risk and high-need clients.
  • Practical and emotional support for beneficiaries who are struggling with being in isolation.

Take-away food from Emmanuel House Support Centre:

  • Offering a take-away packed lunch, including a hot drink and soup, for those who are homeless. 
  • Offering one-off emergency food parcels for people who have accommodation and are in acute need.

How our Outreach Team is currently working:

Our outreach service is operating as normal and is still offering one-to-one support, helping people to access appointments and consultations with other services and agencies such as health and housing providers.

We are continuing to work with service users on the phone, over Zoom, meeting at Emmanuel House or at the hotel. We’ve been able to give some service users mobile phones to ensure we’re still able to support them. These phones have enabled people to be connected to services that otherwise would not be able to support them.

Not being able to offer as much face-to-face support is a big challenge, but it’s something our teams have been navigating since the first lockdown in March. We’re supporting service users by navigating and accessing complex systems and processes, which often have to take place over the phone, rather than in person. Working with high-risk and vulnerable clients in this way presents additional challenges.

The work we do on a daily basis is stressful and surrounded by uncertainty. For our service users, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought additional anxieties and a sense of social isolation and we are seeing an increase in levels of depression.

Services at our Night Shelter:

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Nottingham Night Shelter moved into a hotel on 27th March 2020 under the Government’s ‘Everybody In’ scheme. Since then, we’ve been providing much-needed support during a period of crisis and have enabled rough sleepers to self-isolate in individual rooms throughout the pandemic. We are now supporting up to 50 guests for the rest of the winter period.

The hotel provides private rooms with en-suite facilities. We provide housing advice and health support, as well as food, drinks and snacks. With the help of other voluntary sector organisations and local restaurants and cafes, we are currently serving up to 150 meals a day.

We’re doing everything we can to support staff, volunteers and beneficiaries. However challenging these circumstances are, they are temporary and we will get through them.  

Happy New Year and thank you for your continued support.

How you can help Emmanuel House during the national lockdown:

Financial donations

You can help us by contributing to the running of Emmanuel House and donating to our winter appeal. As a result of cancelled fundraising, sporting and entertainment events, along with regular corporate donors unable to support us during this time of uncertainty, Emmanuel House has been presented with a financial challenge. At this time, the support we offer is more important than ever.

How your money will help

  • £8 will contribute towards one emergency food parcel.
  • £10 will contribute towards ten take-away packed lunches
  • £15 will pay for a beneficiary’s taxi to get to a specialist support appointment.
  • £18 will pay for one mobile phone with one month’s credit for a beneficiary.
  • £20 will contribute towards twenty take-away packed lunches.
  • £25 will contribute towards a beneficiary’s hot shower, change of clothes and the opportunity to sit down with someone who can help them.
  • £40 will contribute towards five emergency food parcels.
  • £50 will contribute towards fifty take-away packed lunches.

Fundraise for us during the lockdown

Raising money and raising awareness are essential for us right now. Have a look at our social media feeds for inspiration, we’re constantly sharing our supporters’ brilliant and creative ideas. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Donate food and clothes

Donate food and clothes via our Amazon Wishlists or by dropping them off at the centre. We are using food donations to provide take-away lunches and food parcels to those who are most in need, as well as 3 meals a day for the 50 people in the night shelter.


How are you ensuring the safety of staff and beneficiaries across all services?

Following the implementation of social distancing, our incredible team continues to liaise with our beneficiaries, offering advice and support. 

  • All staff that can work from home are doing so. Frontline workers, including support staff at the drop-in centre, in our outreach team and those working at the hotel, are rigorously ensuring social distancing, wearing face masks and sanitising hands. 
  • Ensuring two-meter social distancing at all times. 
  • Wearing face masks when inside a workplace environment or when engaging with a colleague or beneficiary outside.
  • Wearing additional PPE as circumstances dictate e.g. taking donations.
  • We are currently only able to accept food and clothes donations that we are most in need of. Please visit our donations page for a complete list
  • Regularly wiping down hot spot areas that are vulnerable to human contact. 
  • Regularly washing and sanitising hands.
  • Observing Food Hygiene Regulations in food preparation areas and when preparing and distributing food.

Can I still volunteer?

Volunteering and volunteer recruitment is still continuing in a limited capacity, for the Emmanuel House kitchen and night shelter. If you’d like to apply, please email

Are you still giving out food to those who are homeless?

From Emmanuel House Support Centre, we are offering a take-away packed lunch, including a hot drink and soup, for those who are homeless. We are also offering one-off emergency food parcels for people who have accommodation and are in acute need.

We are also serving three meals a day for up to 50 guests in the hotel. We are cooking in Emmanuel House’s kitchen and taking it over to the hotel to serve. 

I’ve got food I’d like to donate, what shall I do with it?

Please check the donations section of our website for food we are most in need of.

I am a restaurant or café-owner and I’d like to cook for your guests in the shelter.

Please email to discuss logistics. 

I’ve got clothes to donate, can I bring them to Emmanuel House?

Please consult our list of accepted clothes donations. Please bring them to Emmanuel House Support Centre, 53-61 Goose Gate, Hockley, Nottingham, NG1 1FE on Monday to Friday 9:30am – 4:30pm

In order to reduce the spread of infection, we’re striving to be as diligent as possible with our current health and safety procedures. The safety of our staff, service users and supporters is paramount to Emmanuel House, so please adhere to our current guidelines as best as possible:

  • Please bring your food in boxes and clothes in bin liners.
  • Upon arrival, ring the Emmanuel House doorbell to notify our support staff.
  • When one of our support staff has come to the door, please leave the box outside the front door. Please refrain from coming into the centre to drop off donations.
  • Our support staff will be wearing full PPE whilst receiving your donations, including gloves, aprons and face masks.

Our charity shop is currently closed and because we can’t currently have volunteers to sort through the items, we are temporarily pausing the donations of second hand clothes and bric-a-brac.