The Nottingham Night Shelter and The Nottingham Winter Shelter are now an integral part of the plan to reduce homelessness in the city of Nottingham. The Shelter is now running for twelve months of the year, separated into two projects covering the summer and the winter period and currently supports two people each week out of rough sleeping into accommodation. 

We continue to explore new ways to engage people in our services, preventing people from becoming homeless in the first place and helping people confront the barriers that prevent them from moving from homelessness into resettlement.

Our Winter Shelter runs between the winter months of October to April providing an essential lifeline to rough-sleeping individuals. The Nottingham Winter Shelter provides emergency shelter, acceptance, physical and emotional support, and encouragement in making positive changes including securing long term accommodation solutions.

Anyone over the age of 18 can access our services regardless of their personal characteristics or cultural identity. Individual needs are assessed at Emmanuel House where people, if necessary, are referred to this temporary accommodation provided in local church halls. Support Centre staff then continue to work with individuals to find ‘move-on’ and permanent accommodation.

In 2017/18, the shelter afforded 1,879 nights’ protection from the winter weather, for a total of 111 guests (of which 17 were women) who spent an average of 17 nights in the shelter. By the time the season ended, we had facilitated access to more permanent accommodation for a greater proportion of our guests than we were able to last season, despite the limited options. Of the 139 guests, we were able to find secure accommodation for 68. We were able to reconnect 4% of guests with friends and family, assist 23% into hostel or supported accommodation, set up 22% with their own tenancies mainly in the private rented sector, and help 8% with reconnection to other nations or regions of the UK, leaving a remainder of 40% who either left without leaving details or returned to homelessness.

Each year, the success of the Nottingham Winter Shelter is down to the efforts of Shelter Coordinators, a dedicated team of overnight staff, and an army of 103 volunteers. They help set up the shelter and provide hot snacks in the evenings, and return at 7.00 a.m. to provide breakfast and help clear away to enable host churches to use their premises during the day. Recruitment for volunteers has already begun for this season. The shelter also benefits from the collaboration of the Street Outreach Team, Housing Aid and the Homelessness Prevention Gateway in making and responding to referrals.

Emmanuel House’s main aim is to help get homeless and vulnerable adults a home of their own. The Nottingham Winter Shelter offers accommodation during the winter months and enables us to work with those accessing the shelter to help secure permanent accommodation options.

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Information for Prospective Guests at The Winter Shelter