Turn fantastic photos into fundraising

Throughout lockdown we have been amazed by the many creative gifts and talents of our supporters. Malcolm is one such person. He has decided to donate all profits from the sales of his striking photos to support the work of Emmanuel House.

Previously a musician, in the last 5 years Malcolm has turned his hand to photography. An amateur enthusiast, he has a website to showcase the very best of his interesting photographs. View his curated gallery and purchase high quality prints from his website www.malcolmnabarro.com.

His decision to kindly donate money raised from sales of his prints come from recognising what a difficult time this is for so many. 

One thing my wife and I value above most other is having a warm, safe and comfortable home to live in. It’s very sad and disturbing that so many people don’t enjoy this basic right.

Malcolm Nabarro

If you have creative passions, love doing projects and would like to support the work of Emmanuel House get in touch! Rosie.Needhamsmith@emmanuelhouse.org.uk