Thank you from Emmanuel House

A few words from our CEO, Denis Tully:

“It’s been a long year but in reality it’s not even been a year – nine months to the end of December.  It has been difficult to get into the flow because it seemed that at every juncture there was a new unforeseen change to deal with, which brought struggle or disappointment. The fragmentation of our systems, big and small, have shown us just how interdependent we are, whether that be the people delivering local services or national Government. We can’t do it alone. We need and depend on our neighbour.

My priority from April onwards was the welfare of staff, volunteers and people using Emmanuel House services. The sustaining of their health and wellbeing has been a terrific achievement and has meant that we have been able to keep our services going in a stable and consistent way.

The main focus of 2020 has been the ‘Everybody In’ initiative, where we have provided support for up to 50 people in a hotel. For many who have used this service it has been a time of transformation in the improvement of their health and the moving on into more secure accommodation.

Those who work at Emmanuel House are constantly aware of the support we receive from so many people and for which we are deeply appreciative. We can share stories and data about the difference you make but few of us see the lasting legacy in someone’s life as they are able to recover from homelessness and gain their own interdependence, never to return to homelessness again. I remember a time when a service user was talking to their support worker about wanting to volunteer at Emmanuel House. The worker’s assurance about the welcome anyone would receive from Emmanuel House was based on their use of the service ten years earlier. Stories such as these make the contribution of everyone priceless.

Thank you.”

Thank you from Paylor, our Centre Manager: 

“Volunteers continue to make such a generous and important contribution to our work. Thank you to all our volunteers, including those who haven’t been able to do so since the pandemic began and the many who have expressed an interest but who haven’t managed to start yet. It is appreciated and we look forward to meeting you in 2021. 

Since March, volunteering at Emmanuel House has looked very different. Over summer we sorted through our kitchen’s dry store – a long overdue and herculean task, but a task well done. Due to Covid we couldn’t organise the usual one-day business challenges to sort the harvest appeal donations. Instead volunteers sorted, dated and re-stocked our store. The food was then used to cook meals for the shelter, as well as the takeaway meals we started serving from the centre in December.

The charity shop team have been busy. They did a brilliant job of opening the shop back up after the first national lockdown in a Covid-secure way and we are looking forward to it re-opening again when we are back in Tier 2. Despite the numerous challenges this year has thrown up for volunteering, the crowning achievement has been the progress we have made selling clothes on eBay. This has involved a real team effort and we want to thank everyone for their great work.”    

Thank you to our supporters

Every single year we value and appreciate our supporters, but their efforts have been particularly sterling throughout 2020. We thank everyone who has contributed to the running of Emmanuel House – from those who have sent cheques or used our new ‘text to donate’ service, to those who have set up a direct debit or used our VirginMoney page.

The creativity of our fundraisers during the pandemic has been phenomenal. We’ve seen supporters selling excess bar stock and donating the profits, sewing face masks, climbing the height of Everest, throwing socially distanced street parties and playing musical instruments on top of 3 Derbyshire peaks.

When we moved the shelter to a local hotel, our community came together during a time of real adversity.  Local organisations, cafes, charities, chefs, restaurants and community groups helped us to provide food for our guests who would otherwise be rough sleeping.

Our cupboards are now full to the brim with food thanks to the success of our harvest appeal, so we can continue to cook for some of Nottingham’s most vulnerable people. Our clothes store is full of winter clothes and sleeping bags, as well as high quality stock for our charity shop.

The needs of our beneficiaries are constantly changing and our supporters are quick to help us out. This year we’ve received Bramley apples, 8-foot Christmas trees, fishing rods, fishing tackle and many piles of pants.

Thank you to everyone involved in the making of our short film Lone. The directors, Luke Radford and Toby Curson, did an incredible job of communicating the work we do.

Thank you Elroy The Artist for painting this beautiful mural onto Emmanuel House and thank you My Town Vision for this video.

Thanks to everyone who has shared our news on social media, put our poster in their window, mentioned us to a friend or said “hey, look, there’s the Emmanuel House bus!”

You make the difference to Emmanuel House and we hope you continue to do so in 2021.

How we’ve made the difference in 2020

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At the night shelter:

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