#TacklingHomelessness case studies: Joseph*, Aisha* and Anthony*

37-year-old Joseph* was living in a shed on his allotment when he first met our Culturally Specific Tenancy Support Worker.

He needed support with his health, benefits and accommodation.  He had a lot of different physical health problems and was suffering with depression and anxiety. His health was worsening and sleeping in the shed during the cold nights meant sometimes he couldn’t physically move.

We made a referral to a local housing provider and worked closely with them to arrange his new accommodation. We went with him to see a 2-bedroom flat, attended doctor’s appointments with him and delivered food parcels, clothes and trainers to his shed. We helped him move into shared accommodation while we waited for the flat to become available.

Joseph is now living in the flat and we see him regularly. We attend appointments with Disability Direct to ensure he gets the right support with his Personal Independence Payments and regularly speak on the phone.

He is happy in his new accommodation, has gained confidence and is regularly attending his doctor’s appointments.

When we first met 56-year-old Anthony*, he was sleeping rough. He was suffering with depression, suicidal thoughts and serious health conditions and was unable to work. He didn’t know where to go to receive the right help with his housing and benefits. He was trying to find stable accommodation and wanted support with his mental and physical health, so he could get back into work.

We referred him to a local housing provider and he is now living in a flat. His confidence has improved and he is happy to have a place to stay. We are continuing to support him with his debts and mental health.

21-year-old Aisha* has a one-year-old child. She became homeless when she fled her partner’s house due to domestic violence.

When we first met Aisha, she was waiting for a housing assessment. She was living between her mother’s house and her partner’s house and was suffering from depression. . She was unable to stay with her family because of ongoing relationship breakdowns and physical illness.

We visited her at her mother’s house and her partner’s flat and provided emotional support during these difficult meetings.

We helped secure a nursery place for her daughter and liaised with Housing Aid, helping Aisha to provide the right information and keeping them updated. We helped provide her with temporary accommodation at a local hotel and attended doctor’s appointments to receive medication for her depression. We continue to liaise with other agencies and are working towards finding her own accommodation.

*Names have been changed to protect identities.