Stay at Home Sleepout success

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the annual CEO Sleepout, usually held at Meadow Lane, was cancelled last year. Instead, Rene House CIC and Mosca Direct UK decided to do their ‘Big Christmas Sleep Outs’. They joined others in sleeping out in their gardens and outside spaces on a cold night at the end of November, to raise money and awareness for local homeless charities.

Mosca Direct UK management team sleep out

At Mosca, Gaye Tate and her team of give did the sleep out in their gardens and raised an amazing £3,692.50 (including Gift Aid), which was split between the local charities. Gaye explains more about the event…

Evening entertainment

“During the day, we had all been working together and been exchanging ideas about making shelter, staying dry, thinking of how to make a canopy using household items. One person made a grotto with fairy lights; I had a disco light to try to make it more bearable! We went out at 7pm and there was a live Facebook event from 8pm with a number of guest speakers and musicians with lived experience of homelessness. We used our phones to watch and interact, which kept us going and kept up the camaraderie until it finished.

A cold night

It was a fairly dry cold night with a lowest temperature at 4am of 3 degrees. Throughout the night we were all communicating via WhatsApp. None of us had ever done a sleep out before and we were all very shocked by how much it impacted us. Throughout the evening you felt your mental health and physical health decreasing rapidly. We realised that being on the streets would break you mentally very, very quickly.  We were discussing afterwards that sleeping outside could easily be a trap that was very difficult to get out of.

We all managed to hang on in until 6:30am-7am and then we couldn’t wait to go inside! We were all fortunate to have a rest the morning after and got some real sleep. You don’t really sleep when you are outside. It felt scary and unpleasant even though we knew where we were. It must be so much worse if you are actually sleeping rough.

Smashed the target

We aimed for a £2,000 target and actually raised £3,692.50 total, including Gift Aid! We are so thankful to our family, friends, customers and suppliers for their financial donations.  A huge thank you to members of the team; Andrea Wilson, Gaye Tate, Julie Walton, Catherine Curcic and Ian Bird. This whole experience has really changed us all and made us appreciate what we have so much more.”

If you would like to organise a fundraising event with family, friends or colleagues, please get in touch. We would love to hear about our ideas and how we can support you to raise awareness and funds for those currently experiencing homelessness in Nottingham.