Staff Q&A: Wellbeing Support Worker

During this uncertain time, the services offered by Emmanuel House Support Centre are more important than ever. We spoke to our team to find out how Coronoavirus has impacted their clients and the work they do with them. Below, one of our Wellbeing Support Workers explains how her role has changed and how we are responding to the pandemic.

Job Title: Wellbeing Support Worker

What my job involves on a daily basis during the crisis: As well as carrying out my role as Wellbeing Support Worker, I am currently doing shifts at the hotel, helping to support the 40 guests who are self-isolating there. As part of my role I am responding to issues that come up and helping people with applying for and managing benefits, accessing healthcare and moving onto more permanent accommodation where possible. Alongside of this, I am also continuing to support people on my existing caseload – this includes providing practical and emotional support over the phone, advice and guidance, liaising with GP’s and healthcare services, making sure people have their medication and arranging food parcel deliveries.

What’s the biggest challenge I’ve faced: Not being able to see people face to face – so everything has to be done over the phone. This is a challenge as some people don’t have phones/struggle to use technology.

What’s the best success I’ve had with a client: Successfully helping people to move into accommodation – supporting them through the phone assessment and to move in, in spite of the current challenging climate. I am also keeping in regular phone contact with them to support with emotional and practical needs

The challenging work our team is carrying out is only possibly due to the fantastic support shown by our community. Please donate to our Coronavirus Appeal to help us to continue to support the city’s most vulnerable people.