Staff Q&A: Shelter Manager

During this uncertain time, the services offered by Emmanuel House Support Centre are more important than ever. We spoke to our team to find out how Coronoavirus has impacted their clients and the work they do with them. Below, our Shelter Manager explains how her role has changed and how the Shelter at the hotel is responding to the pandemic.

Job Title: Shelter Manager

What my job currently involves: It is my job to manage everything involved in running the hotel as a shelter for our guests. We currently have 41 homeless adults staying in our shelter.

How my job has changed: I am managing the beds at the hotel and all the staff needed to support the guests in isolation. I am responsible for the administration and paperwork associated with the hotel, I take all referrals for the hotel and I’m also liaising with the hotel staff. As well as working ‘on-site’ in the hotel, when I am not there, I am on call along with our Senior Support Worker answering questions and queries from staff members who are on shift.  

The biggest challenge I’ve faced: Dealing with move ons is tricky at the moment, as options are so limited right now. It is especially difficult for the people with no recourse, as Embassies are currently shut. Managing all the different demands and elements of the role is a challenge, especially with the added complication of observing social distancing.

How has our support changed: A huge part of our support is being able to build relationships with guests to help them move on into more long-term accommodation. With limited options, limited opening times of support services and all communications with other services being carried out remotely, it presents more hurdles than usual. But it’s business as usual, we are supporting those in need and are having positive outcomes even with the additional challenges.

The challenging work our team is carrying out is only possibly due to the fantastic support shown by our community. Please donate to our Coronavirus Appeal to help us to continue to support the city’s most vulnerable people.