Staff Q&A: Multiple Needs Support Worker

During this uncertain time, the services offered by Emmanuel House Support Centre are more important than ever. We spoke to our team to find out how Coronoavirus has impacted their clients and the work they do with them. Below, one of our Multiple Needs Support Workers explains how her role has changed and how we are responding to the pandemic.

Job Title: Multiple Needs Support Worker

How my job has changed since the crisis: As well as carrying out my ‘usual’ job role, I am also answering the drop-in-centre phone whilst at home – the number has been diverted to my mobile. I am on-hand for any queries relating to homelessness, vulnerability and isolation. I am providing support and advice as well as offering signposting to other services.

What my job involves on a daily basis during the crisis For my multiple needs support worker role I am keeping in touch with all of my clients and am sharing calling the Women’s group each week with other team members. This contact has meant that I was able to get food parcels and hot meals delivered daily to one of the members of the group  who has no benefit at the moment.

The biggest challenge during this time:  My biggest challenge was whilst calling one of my clients she disclosed she thought she had a infection, was in pain and was depressed and feeling suicidal. We called her GP and got an appointment. I called her twice daily to see how she was feeling and talked through her feelings. I contacted Womens Aid and got details of online counselling for her to access.  She is currently living in a hostel and did not want any of the staff to know but as she had said she felt suicidal I told her I would need to tell them but would not give details of the reasons. She accepted that and I informed the centre manager. She has got treatment for her infection and is in a better place physically and mentally.

The challenging work our team is carrying out is only possibly due to the fantastic support shown by our community. Please donate to our Coronavirus Appeal to help us to continue to support the city’s most vulnerable people.