Record-Breaking Winter Appeal

This year’s Winter Appeal ‘Think Christmas – Give Hope’ has been supported and promoted by Nottingham Musician, Kingdom Rapper and his song, Let Hope Be Your Gift, written specifically to highlight the homelessness crisis and how Emmanuel House tackles homelessness all year round. The appeal was launched on Wednesday 13th November at Emmanuel House Support Centre where Jordan, a Service User, shared his story of how Emmanuel House has helped transform his life.

“I was rough sleeping for two months. I got in contact with Emmanuel House after someone on the street told me about it. When I came here I was given food and was able to get a shower. They also gave me clean clothes. I came here every day. Emmnanuel has lifted me up and gave me confidence. Emmanuel has put me in touch with other services to get housing and I am now living in supported accommodation. The support didn’t stop there. They supported me moving into the accommodation and helped me to get furniture. They help me with clothes for job interviews and also applying for benefits. I am in a much better place now. The thing about Emmanuel House is that it is there for everyone, all year round.”

The winter appeal focused on how Emmanuel House works with beneficiaries to help them find a home of their own. The different levels of service towards that goal are reflected in the ‘Think Christmas – Give Hope’ appeal artwork of a Christmas tree. Money raised as part of our Winter Appeal will be used to ensure the continuation of service throughout 2020.

We are delighted to say that the online donations raised over £28,000 (including Gift Aid) with donations also being made offline in person and in the post, meaning this year’s Winter Appeal is the most successful of recent times.

Speaking of the Winter Appeal, Denis Tully, Emmanuel House CEO says “For all of us, whatever our circumstance, having a place to belong at Christmas is of huge importance for our wellbeing and happiness. Through the Think Christmas, Give Hope Appeal, Emmanuel House seeks to provide everyone with a place they can call home, all year round. Emmanuel House is an integral part of the plan to reduce homelessness in the city of Nottingham.  In 2018/19 Emmanuel House specifically supported over 1000 people alongside which there were over 20,000 visits to the centre.  We continue to explore new ways to engage people in our services, preventing people from becoming homeless in the first place and helping people confront the barriers that prevent them from moving from homelessness into resettlement. It costs £10,000 a week to run our service and as we receive no statutory funding for our core costs we are reliant on goodwill donations to provide the support and services to centre users. We are delighted by the success of the appeal and are so thankful to everyone who contributed”.

Think Christmas, Give Hope

Think Christmas, Give Hope.No matter your background you are worthy of hope. Hope of belonging to somewhere, hope of a place to live that is safe, dry and warm, hope of a friend who will know you, respect you and call you by your name, hope of something to eat, hope of keeping yourself clean, hope of sustaining your human dignity and self respect.Of all the gifts you give this year, give the gift of hope: Kingdom Rapper UK for putting together this great Christmas Appeal video to help spread our message of hope.

Geplaatst door Emmanuel House Support Centre, Nottingham op Woensdag 13 november 2019