Rapid Rehousing Project update

Funded by The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) Emmanuel House is an integral partner in Nottingham City’s Rapid Rehousing Pathway (RRP) for rough sleepers. Our Supported Lettings worker provides flexible floating support in homes provided for people with a history of rough sleeping. This flexible support enables individuals to sustain their tenancies in homes across the housing sector. Our Navigator works with people who sleep rough to access the appropriate local services, get off the streets and into settled accommodation. The navigator work with a range of multidisciplinary teams and provide both navigation and co-ordination support, using strong local relationships, expertise and collective working. 

Our Wellbeing Support Team and Rapid Rehousing Pathway Team are also involved in facilitating weekly rough sleeping drop-in sessions that take place at St Peter’s Church, Nottingham. Every Wednesday, a multi-agency open-access session provides breakfast and support to those sleeping rough. Alongside this, every Monday, the same session takes place, exclusively for females who are rough sleeping or staying in hostels and temporary accommodation. This provides females with a safe space to meet, away from a typically heavily male-dominated environment. The session provides breakfast, support, access to services and an opportunity to rest and relax. This session has roughly 12 females per session who are fleeing from a variety of situations, including victims of sexual or domestic violence and feel unsafe in male-dominated services and environment.

Since it started in January 2019, the RRP pilot project has worked with 25 women with complex needs who were rough sleeping. They have successfully moved 22 women into long-term accommodation with appropriate support. The support provided by our team includes: support in accessing social services, drug and alcohol support, benefit support, emotional and wellbeing support, court support and advocacy at meetings.

The project’s success has been overwhelming and being able to reach and support so many vulnerable women is great progress in helping to tackle homelessness.