Of all the gifts you give this year, give the gift of hope

Homelessness is a year-round issue and Emmanuel House offers support all year round. For our appeal this winter we are asking people to think about two things at Christmas time – Hope and Emmanuel House.

No matter your background you are worthy of hope.  Hope of belonging  to somewhere, hope of having an income to sufficiently sustain you, hope of a place to live that is safe, dry and warm, hope of a friend who will know you, respect you and call you by your name, hope of something to eat, hope of keeping yourself clean, hope of sustaining your human dignity and self respect.

In the last financial year over 1300 people used Emmanuel House over 23,000 times.  In our Winter Appeal – Think Christmas Give Hope, we are hoping that you will Support Emmanuel House financially this Christmas  so that less people need to use or services that that hopefully, next Christmas they will have a place of their own.

Speaking of the Winter Appeal, Denis Tully, Emmanuel House CEO says “For all of us, whatever our circumstance, having a place to belong at Christmas is of huge importance for our wellbeing and happiness. Through the Think Christmas, Give Hope Appeal, Emmanuel House Seeks to provide everyone a place they can call home, all year round. Of all the gifts you give this year, give the gift of hope”.

Money can be donated to our Think Christmas – Give Hope appeal in a variety of ways. The most effective way is to organise a collection and arrange for a cheque or the cash to be brought to the centre. This way, all money raised goes direct to Emmanuel House. The money can also be transferred by bank transfer and we can provide the details for this along with a receipt and thank you letter / certificate for proof of donation. Alternatively, money can be donated via our Virgin Money fundraising page, specific to our Think Christmas – Give Hope appeal. This can be found here.