Nottingham Winter Shelter 2019/20 Update

Now in its 12th week, the Nottingham Winter Shelter has already provided 1,650 bed nights of accommodation for people who would otherwise be sleeping rough. The Winter Shelter have supported 64 clients, 8 of which are females. So far, 16 guests have moved on which is made up of 3 re-connections, 6 accommodated in the Private Rental Sector, 1 housed in a Hostel and 6 others with housing provisions.

The Nottingham Winter Shelter not only provides emergency accommodation but also helps guests change their lives and take the first steps to being housed. Here’s the story of a guest who first came to the Nottingham Winter Shelter in September last year:

“I am a 52 year old Nigerian male who first came to the Shelter in September.  I had been working in London but the work had stopped and I was unable to afford my rent.  I came back to Nottingham as friends/family had said I could stay with them whilst I looked for work.  Unfortunately their tenancy agreement did not allow me to stay.  I was seen by the Street Outreach Team and they advised to come to Emmanuel House.  When I arrived I did not know what to do as I had not been in this position before.  A full registration and risk assessment was done and I was given lots of advice.  I was told to register with Housing Aid and I was offered a place at the Nottingham Winter Shelter.

Whilst I was in the Shelter I was able to find work because I had somewhere to sleep at night. I worked shifts and I was able to access the showers and food at Emmanuel House before starting work at 2pm.  I was also able to go to the Shelter after work (I did not finish until 10pm so I was allowed to arrive later than the other guests at the Shelter).

Because I could maintain work I was able to find private rented accommodation and I am now in a one bedroom flat, thanks to the help I received from Emmanuel House and the Shelter.”