Nottingham Night Shelter

As of 28th July 2019, sixteen weeks into the new Nottingham Night Shelter, a pilot project funded by the Government’s Rapid Rehousing Pathway, the successful ‘move on’ figures speak for themselves.

A total of 2161 bed spaces have been used over the last sixteen weeks, from 8/4/19-28/7/19 as part of the new Nottingham Night Shelter weeks as part of the new Nottingham Night Shelter. There have been 87 people in total who stayed for at least one night with 17 of those being female. A total of 21 people have moved onto more long term accommodation.

Roughly every four weeks, on moving day the Nottingham Night Shelter team pack up everything that is needed to operate the shelter, into a moving van and move to a new location. This is a mammoth task, taking four people, up to 12 hours to complete.  Thank you to each venue that offers the use of their space and facilities including: St Saviour’s, Thomas Helwys, St Christopher’s, Archers and Portland Leisure Centre. Thank you to all of the staff and volunteers who are keeping the shelter running every night through until morning and thank you to our supporters for responding to our donation requests- you are all making the difference!

One beneficiary tells us how the Nottingham Night Shelter changed his life… “a friend who knew about Emmanuel House brought me to the centre.  A support worker spoke to me and I was registered for the Shelter.  My friend was able to sit in the interview with me which helped a lot…I had never been homeless before…I didn’t know places like Emmanuel House existed. 

The support worker was lovely and put me at ease.  She was very non judgmental about my past and what had led me to be homeless.  I was terrified at the thought of the Shelter, being with so many other unknown people in a small space.  The support worker encouraged me to at least attend that night, even if I then felt I could not stay.  She advised me to talk to staff and to let them know how I felt.

I arrived the first night and staff were very friendly.  I only stayed for a short while as I felt very overwhelmed by everything.  Staff did not judge and said I should go into Emmanuel House and talk to the support worker the next day.  I did this and I agreed to try again that night at the Shelter. The second night I was able to stay-this was totally down to the staff, they didn’t talk down to me, they didn’t treat me like a dirty homeless person like others had.  They treated me and spoke to me like a normal person, a human being.

The support staff referred me to Night Stop and I spent several nights with different families.  This was really cool, a great change from the Shelter.  They also came with me to Housing Aid for an assessment for short term supported accommodation, where I was given a place and I am still there.  I am enjoying it and engaging with staff there.

I still come into Emmanuel House; occasionally in the mornings, but always on a Tuesday for Streetwise Opera.  Streetwise has given me confidence and reminded me that even if you are homeless you can still have fun and life doesn’t have to end. If I hadn’t come into Emmanuel House I know I would have done something very stupid to survive.”