Nottingham Night Shelter: Striving for positive outcomes

We work with a variety of homeless adults, from a variety of backgrounds  with their own story to tell. Here’s how the Nottingham Night Shelter helped one guest with her recovery from homelessness.  

One beneficiary returned home one day and the locks had been changed on her front door. Unaware that she and her husband had been subletting a tenancy for the last 3 years, they were left with no entry and no where to go.  Around that time, her husband suffering with dementia had gone via hospital into a nursing home.  The neighbour let her stay temporarily but this was unsuitable and unsafe.  This lady slept outside for 3 months:

“I used to sit on a metal seat on a blanket for the whole night, under a fishing umbrella. You don’t really sleep and you end up ‘losing your legs’. Your legs go dead and you fall. I once fell and banged my head. It’s awful and people steal your money. I had a little trolley to keep everything, I once gave it to someone I trusted whilst I went to the toilets and when I cam back my purse had gone.  I had put it onto a chain and right at the bottom of the trolley.  It’s your bank cards, driving license… once someone ran up to me and snatched it out of my hand. There is no way of keeping your stuff safe, unless you attach it to your body – which I did with cellotape, wrapped it round and round my body, then break it off in the morning – trying to wrap it up again. I had cellulitis and infected blisters and I had to accept the fact that I couldn’t go on as I was.  The street outreach team came to help me. Initially the house that we found was unsuitable and unsecure.  I went to Emmanuel House and accessed the Shelter. They are lovely pople, they work hard, there are routines to stick to. They provide toiletries, advice, clean laundry, shoes and socks”.

Since October staff at the Shelter have been able to build relationship and trust and during that time have liaised with the Job Centre, regarding benefits.  Three weeks ago this lady received the first benefits payment in 14 years. She is now in short term accommodation and waiting to move into warden aided accommodation.  She says of the Nottingham Night Shelter:

“There is somebody there for you when you need it most. I can’t praise them enough. It is a safe place. Everything is falling into place now and it’s only with the help of this place.