Inspiration and tackling isolation with Streetwise Opera

The weekly sessions at Emmanuel House are always well attended, inclusive and powerful. One beneficiary shares…

“At the time that I have nothing, I still have my artistry. I still have my creativity. I still have my talent. And if that’s going to get me from homelessness to where I need to be, then I’m going to hone that, and Streetwise Opera is the perfect place for that.”

Thanks to the Streetwise Opera network, the empowerment and courage goes beyond Emmanuel House and local performances.  We caught up with the regional coordinator Victoria Munroe for the latest where she shared how ambassadors and performers from Emmanuel House have recently volunteered their time to support the Streetwise Opera programme. We are delighted that our service users have had the following opportunities during this term:

  • Supporting Streetwise Opera Music Leaders to deliver a Taster Workshop at Edwin House. 
  • Attending a meeting at Nottingham Community Housing Association, Homelessness Prevention Team to share the work of Streetwise Opera. 
  • Supporting visits to The Friary to connect with service users there and share the news of Streetwise Opera workshops.
  • Gaining experience as Artist Assistants at Lakeside Arts Centre International Children’s Festival working alongside visual artists delivering art workshops 

As well as providing weekly opportunities to creatively express themselves and learn new skills, the Streetwise Opera participants also work towards upcoming performances. This week, to celebrate the end of term, participants took part in a performance at the Nottingham Royal Concert Hall where guests were invited to hear a collection of musical pieces from a variety of genres. What a great way to end 2018/19!