How is Emmanuel House’s Night Shelter currently operating?

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Nottingham Night Shelter moved into a hotel on 27th March 2020 under the Government’s ‘Everybody In’ scheme. Since then, we’ve been providing much-needed support during a period of crisis and have enabled rough sleepers to self-isolate in individual rooms throughout the pandemic.

As of Sunday 9th May 2021, the shelter has provided 13,175 nights’ protection for a total of 334 guests, providing them with shelter, food, support and en-suite facilities.

As a result of the quality of care from all involved, 146 people have moved on from the hotel. They are now in privately rented, hostel, temporary or supported accommodation and some have re-connected with friends and family. The Nottingham Night Shelter has been working in partnership with Nottingham City Council and other agencies, which also referred people to the shelter.

We recently received this message from a guest who had been staying with us at the hotel since December. With the support of the staff at the Night Shelter, they have now moved into their own private rented accommodation.

Services at the Night Shelter

The hotel provides private rooms with en-suite facilities. We provide housing advice and health support, as well as food, drinks and snacks. With the help of other voluntary sector organisations and local restaurants and cafes, we are currently serving up to 150 meals a day.

Another of our guests wrote this to us:

How we make a difference: Single Support Service and the Night Shelter

Find out how our Single Support Service and the Night Shelter worked with Adam* and Jo*.

Food at the Night Shelter

We provide food because access to nutritious food is a human right.  Everything we do contributes to helping people out of homelessness or preventing homelessness in the first place. Providing food contributes to that aspiration.

We are currently batch cooking food at Emmanuel House’s kitchen and making daily deliveries to the hotel for lunch and dinner.

Denis Tully, CEO at Emmanuel House, said: “The food we provide contributes to a nutritious, healthy and balanced diet. Nutrition is often something we take for granted but it is very important. For example, we know that if you are hungry you tend to make bad decisions. Not having a nutritious diet may also impact the effectiveness of any medication you are taking. Over the period of the Government’s Everybody In initiative we have seen a vast improvement in people’s wellbeing. One of the main factors that contributed to this was that people had access to three nutritious meals a day. What is remarkable is that the wellbeing of some people improved simply because their basic needs were met, not because of technical intervention.”

How you can help support the Night Shelter

Homelessness will not be defeated by one organisation or by one method and it will not be defeated unless initiatives have the support of the community.  Emmanuel House provides many different ways in which people can contribute to overcoming homelessness. Donating food is one way.  In the end, Emmanuel House just would not be able to do what it does without community support. You literally do make the difference.

We rely on donations from local businesses and community groups to help with food provision. We are also being supported by local charities, organisations, restaurants and cafes who often cook meals for us and deliver them to the hotel.

If you’d like to donate for the shelter, please consider this list of items we’re most in need of.

How to donate food to the shelter: