Fundraising from your sofa: virtual fundraising during the coronavirus lockdown

1 – Sell your clothes online

Have you been using your time at home to clear out your wardrobe? Would you usually donate old clothes to charity but can’t due to the lockdown? Why not sell your items online and donate the profits to Emmanuel House instead.

Since we planted the seed in one of our volunteer’s brains last week, she has done just that! Rosie rooted through her wardrobe and found bags and bags of clothes that she would usually have dropped off at our charity shop, which is currently closed due to the pandemic. In our new series of blog posts about our volunteers’ virtual fundraising, she gives you her top tips for how to use Depop to raise money for Nottingham’s most vulnerable people.

Volunteer profile
Name: Rosie I Age: 30 I Years volunteering: 1

Volunteer Rosie
“I saw Emmanuel House’s Instagram post suggesting that rather than donating our clothes to the charity shop as we normally would do, we could sell our clothes online. I was pleased that I could do it all from my living room and I only had to leave the house to post the items. It’s a fun, creative and easy way to raise money for the charity, and it helps me clear out my bedroom as well! I’ve sold five items through Depop now and I’m starting to get the hang of it.”

How to sell clothes on Depop

  1. Find your clothes
    Have a good rummage through your wardrobe and cupboards. You can sell clothes and accessories through Depop, so anything from a denim jacket to a scarf will be perfect for the platform.
  2. Set up your profile
    Set up a Depop profile with the app – it’s free and really easy to use. Top tip: don’t forget to tell your customers that their money will go to a good cause by including a message about raising money for Emmanuel House in your profile.
  3. Get photographing
    Take a few photos of each item. Clean photos are key to generating sales. Make sure they are:
    -Clearly showing the item and how it looks
    -Styled or worn – photos with someone wearing the item are a good way to show off how good it looks off the hanger. If you feel comfortable, take a photo of yourself wearing the item.
    -A combination of a flat-lay arrangement or hung up on a hanger
    -If there is an interesting detail, take a photo of it e.g. a cut-out back or embroidered hem.

4. Write an appealing description
-Describe the item as best you can – the more detail the better
-Use keywords that you would use to search for the same item e.g. ‘cut-out playsuit’
-Describe the condition – is it rarely worn and in good condition? Or does it have a few holes and wear and tear? Your customers need to have a realistic expectation of what it will be like when it arrives
-Remember to describe the fit
-Finish your description with tags, as this is what is going to make your item visible on search results. Tag keywords that describe the item e.g. #playsuit #summerplaysuit, as well as the brand: #urbanoutfitters #cooperative
-Regularly update one or two things in your item’s description. This refreshes it and will bring it back to the top of your page, meaning it doesn’t get lost amongst your sold items.

6. Set a price
-Look at what similar items are being sold for
-What would you pay for it?
-Look at sites like Stockx to predict resale prices
-Take into account Depop’s 10% fee 6. Share your item
Depop enables you to share your items to your social media profiles. On the item listing page, click the three dots in the top right and choose which platform you want to post to.

7. Communicate with potential customers
-Be responsive and active where possible, make sure customers get a quick and friendly response. 
-If someone ‘likes’ or ‘saves’ an item, you are notified. Send a message to ask if they’re interested or any more need information.

8. Post your item when sold
Remember that both buyers and sellers will review their exchange with you on Depop, so it’s worthwhile making sure that you package your item nicely.
-Make sure you wash and iron your item before you send it, so that it’s received in the best possible condition.
-Why not wrap your item in a piece of tissue paper and a ribbon? It will be lovely to receive in the post and your buyer might leave you a nice review.
If you can, print off an Emmanuel House flyer to include in the parcel so that they know exactly where the money will go. You download the PDF for an A6 Thank You flyer here.

Let us know!
If you’ve set up on an online Depop shop to raise money for Emmanuel House, send us the link and we’ll share it on our social media channels.