Fundraiser Spotlight

Seven year old Betsy decided she wanted to do something to help homeless people in Nottingham and what a great way to raise money for us!

During her Half Term holidays, Betsy decided to use her time to help benefit those less fortunate than her. She decided to use her creativity and skills to sell biscuits and different paints that she had made, and jewels.

When asked her why she wanted to spend her holiday from school fundraising for Emmanuel House, she said “Because I am a kind and caring person and because I want all people in Nottingham to have shelter, and people around the world too.” We are blown away by Betsy’s imagination and compassion. We asked her what he favourite part of the fundraising was and she said ” Selling the biscuits because I got to eat one or two!” and we couldn’t agree more, that does sound like the best bit!

Her Mum added: Since she was a toddler Betsy has asked us questions about why someone is homeless and would give something to every single homeless person we go past if we could afford it, her half term plan to raise money on our street to give directly to Emmanuel House instead was presented to us as a full plan she’d come up with all by herself, once again it’s the children showing us the way forward when it comes to compassion

We are delighted that Betsy chose Emmanuel House to fundraise for and her donation will help us to provide practical support to prevent homelessness, and intervening in and helping people recover from homelessness. A very big thank you to Betsy and her family for their support!