An update on Emmanuel House’s services

Throughout the lockdown, we’ve continued to work with our beneficiaries by offering them advice and support. Following the implementation of social distancing, we are now working on a phased re-opening of Emmanuel House in line with government advice. We are offering services by appointment to people who are homeless, rough sleeping, or in crisis and at risk of homelessness.

How is Emmanuel House currently operating?

We spoke to some of our support workers to explain how our services are helping some of Nottingham’s most vulnerable adults:

“If anyone is in need of support, they can call Emmanuel House to make an appointment with one of our support workers. We’re supporting people with issues around benefits, housing, domestic violence or abuse and any other concerns that they may have at this time.  When people contact us we focus on the support they particularly need and work with them in the best way that suits them.”

Emmanuel House Support Worker
An update on Nottingham charity Emmanuel House’s services

“Our “drop in” service of pre-booked appointments is going really well and we’re having direct contact with those in need. We can link people with any one of the 100+ services and organisations we’re in touch with. We can signpost a person to the support that best suits their needs around mental health, substance misuse or offending histories. Emmanuel House offers continuity, which is often lacking in the lives of people that we work with. People know our reputation of being here when they need us. We’re helping those with complex needs and seeing an improvement in their circumstances and wellbeing.”

Emmanuel House Senior Support Worker

“Though our ways of working have changed I’m thrilled to be back delivering support to people. It has been a scary time for everyone, but even more so for vulnerable people and those in need. Not only are we helping to change people’s lives, but in some cases, we are helping to save them.”

Emmanuel House Support Worker

One example of how Nottingham charity Emmanuel House supports its clients

Sarah* has been receiving ongoing support from Emmanuel House since 2018. She has a history of physical health issues and struggles to sleep to such an extent that she was getting incredibly confused.

While not being medically fit for work, Sarah was being bombarded by the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) to look for a job and her PIP (Personal Independence Payments) had been stopped.

All these factors greatly affected her mental health and caused her to feel very low.

During the lockdown, her Emmanuel House worker supported her to contact her GP and she was prescribed medication to help her sleep and referred for talking therapies. 

Whilst the medication to adjust her sleeping pattern was only short term, it made a great difference to her emotional wellbeing, as it gave her mind time to relax so she could cope much better with daily life. 

Sarah engaged with the therapy and after a few weeks her persona had completely changed. She was less tearful and more able to talk about the other issues she was experiencing.

Our support worker was also able to challenge the suspended PIP payments with the DWP, which resulted in the benefit being reinstated and back dated. This came as an enormous relief as the financial hardship had put her accommodation at risk. She has recently changed her pain medication and her mental health has drastically improved. 

* Names and information have been altered to protect identities.

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