Womanuel Project: Week 3

For week three of the Womanuel project, service users, facilitators and staff visited the Nottingham Contemporary. Here’s what one of the support workers had to say about the session:

‘To start the session, the ladies (six in total,  including staff and service users) tried out some drama workshop warm-up exercises. This looked at building confidence and as a group we talked about positive things that had happened this week

We then walked up to the Nottingham Contemporary where we were given a tour of the current gallery exhibit ‘House of Fame’ by Linder.  It was an amazing experience to see all kinds of different pieces from posters, and photography, sculpture and even furniture and buttons. Linder had combined her own work and other pieces from artists and even some artifacts from Chatsworth House that had inspired her. There were four different galleries, with fourr different themes covering topics of beauty and commodity, death and rest, as well as unrest. The exhibit also included a section that focused on the theme of “The stage as a home and the home as a stage” – playing with the idea of what is public and private.  We then worked in pairs with our guide to use household objects in new ways as if we had never seen them before and to create a performance out of this. We then shared our performances with the group and each group got a round of applause!

One of the big goals for the Womannuel Womens Group is to create a piece that sums up everything we’ve been up to these last few weeks.  The group discussed some ideas for what we’d like to put out together.’

The Womanuel project will run for six weeks and is facilitated by Nottingham-based external creative agency, Nonsuch. The sessions are designed to encourage social interaction and offer a relaxed environment in which to express and explore different areas of interest.