Emmanuel House aims to support people with budgeting and maximising their income.

We offer practical help, advice and advocate on behalf of people with agencies such as:

  • The Job Centre
  • Department for Work and Pensions
  • Housing Benefit Departments

When necessary we can also accompany people who have been engaging with our support to attend Appeals and medical appointments.

We have a Personal Navigator (Money Sorted in D2N2) within our centre to provide a programme of person centred support and a range of bespoke interventions designed to enable people experiencing financial crisis and financial hardship to take control, build confidence and improve their money management skills to tackle their problems and move out of poverty and exclusion. The personal Navigator is based within Emmanuel House and funded through Building Better Opportunities.

We work in partnership with specialist agencies and St Ann’s Advice Centre provide a weekly drop in at Emmanuel House for people who are experiencing financial difficulties.

We will also direct people on to other specialist agencies for support around issues such as debt advice.