The Emmanuel House team has a wealth of knowledge and expertise about the work we do. Our marketing team also works hard to communicate our work through a variety of tools – videos, interviews, films, art work and press releases all raise awareness of Emmanuel House’s services.

This is a dedicated page to educate, inform and inspire our supporters and beneficiaries about Emmanuel House about topics that are related to our services.

Information about Emmanuel House

Marketing and fundraising material

Emmanuel House campaigns

Lone, our short film about homelessness, which launched our 2020 winter appeal:

Watch the webinar and panel event with Emmanuel House CEO Denis Tully, navigator Hannah Byrne, actor Justine Emma Moore and filmmakers Luke and Toby:

Video of Elroy The Artist painting Emmanuel House’s new mural, November 2020.

‘Think Christmas, Give Hope’ by Kingdom Rapper

An afternoon with Emmanuel House by Left Lion

Beneficiary stories

Read more about Geoff’s experiences of homelessness and Emmanuel House

‘The Moon & Stars Don’t Understand Me’ poem, translated from a Slovakian service user.

Caroline’s story: Caroline shares her journey and talks about how Emmanuel House Support Centre has helped to empower her through building up her confidence and skills.

Lorena’s story

Marilla and Paulo’s story

Volunteering at Emmanuel House

In the kitchen

In the charity shop

Emmanuel House Charity Shop

NTU Fashion Design Project 2019: EmmanuelHousexNTU

Emmanuel House in the press

East Midlands Today report on Horsendale Primary School’s incredible fundraising:

Notts TV report on record-breaking winter appeal – skip to 1:40 for the interview with Denis Tully:

ITV Central news report featuring an interview with beneficiary Russell, volunteer Gerard and CEO Denis Tully.

Nottingham Post article about our volunteer’s new initiative, Street Support, 29th December 2020.

Nottingham Post article on our corporate fundraising support, 21st Dec 2020.

Left Lion interview about Lone with the film makers and Emmanuel House marketing officer.

Creative Quarter interview with the film makers and Emmanuel House marketing officer.

Homelessness in the news

BBC Three’s “Amazing Humans: The Artist Who Paints The Homeless”, painting a different picture of homelessness.

‘Unseen Kingdoms’ documentary film series about youth homelessness, in partnership with The Body Shop, End Youth Homelessness charity and Channel 4.

Citizens UK’s petition to Robert Jenrick calling for the continued support of all people who are homeless following the Government’s ‘Everyone In’ initiative providing 15,000 people a safe place to live

The Big Issue: No provision for homeless as England instructed to ‘stay at home’.

‘This is not how we end rough sleeping: Scrap the new Immigration Rules’, a recent article by Homeless Link. Emmanuel House is concerned that future legislation will have a negative impact on people being able to access support they need and people will find themselves in destitution, which is often hidden from the public eye.

External resources

Covid-19 and homelessness, Homeless Link article.

Homelessness facts and figures from Homeless Link.

Help end homelessness from Homeless Link.