Emmanuel House Support Centre exists to support homeless, vulnerable or isolated adults in Nottingham. Many people have asked us how donations can be best used in our service and often would rather donate money for a specific cause that they know is making a difference.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the government’s ‘Everyone In’ policy, the Nottingham Night Shelter moved into a hotel on 27th March 2020. We’ve been providing much-needed support during a period of crisis and have enabled rough sleepers to self-isolate in individual rooms throughout the pandemic.

As well as private rooms with en-suite facilities, hot showers, housing advice and health support, we are also providing our guests with food, drinks and snacks with the help of other voluntary sector organisations. We are currently serving 72 meals a day – that’s over 500 meals every week and over 2,000 every month.

For people that arrive at our night shelter, hot food and a warm welcome is the beginning of their journey with us. It’s important for those who arrive at the hotel to have healthy, well-balanced nutritious meals.

How you can help provide food for homeless, vulnerable and isolated adults in Nottingham

We will be batch cooking food at Emmanuel House’s kitchen and making daily deliveries to the hotel for lunch and dinner. We need ingredients so that we can cook these fresh, tasty meals.

If you’d like to contribute to the cost of ingredients, you can donate money to the shelter. You can directly transfer to our bank account or drop off cash donations to the centre. Bank account details can be found in the downloadable form below.

Sponsor a meal

You can sponsor the food for one or all the guests in the hotel. This is how your money could help:

  • £2.50 – one guest’s meals for one day
  • £5.00 – one guest’s meals for two days
  • £17.50 – one guest’s meals for one week
  • £35 – one guest’s meals for two weeks
  • £60 – everyone in the shelter’s meals for one day
  • £120 – everyone in the shelter’s meals for two days
  • £180 – everyone in the shelter’s meals for three days
  • £420 – everyone in the shelter’s meals for one week

Please download this donation form so we can keep track of where the money is coming from. Please return the form to accounts@emmanuelhouse.org.uk. If you’d prefer to donate a different amount, please simply specify it on the form. Any amount is very gratefully received and will help us to provide nutritious food for our guests.