Womanuel Project: Week 6

For the final week of the six-week Womanuel project with Nonsuch, service users, facilitators and staff had a celebratory session at Emmanuel House Support Centre.

To get everyone warmed up, the session started with a selection of movement and word games. This included ‘pass the clap’ along with a communication game where pairs sat with their backs against each other, then one person described how to draw different shapes which they had on a sheet in front of them and then both sheets were compared at the end.

For the main section of the session, the group split into two teams to discuss how they would use £500 to raise more funds for Emmanuel House. Suggestions included a concert at the Arena and an outside concert in the Market Square in collaboration with Streetwise Opera and other Nottingham Artists, for example, Jake Bugg. Another idea from the group was a sponsored walk or bike ride in fancy dress and to get famous sports personalities involved.

Building on the positive and affirmation themes present in each session, the group then all wrote their names a separate piece of paper and passed it round the group. Everyone then wrote a positive sentence about what they liked about that person. Passed around the group for each person to write something, when unrolled, each person had a list of lovely/positive messages about themselves from the group that they can look at again whenever they are feeling down or having a bad day.

To celebrate the end of the six week project, everyone then had drinks and some party food together and said thank you to Nonsuch for all their efforts over the last six weeks. Certificates were given out to everyone that had participated in the group by our local PCSO Sue Rutter.

The group were also told that Emmanuel House would be carrying on the Womanuel sessions every Thursday 1.30pm to 3.30pm and asked the ladies to come next week to discuss what they would like to do over the Summer. A group outing to Bird and Blend Tea Co., a corporate partner of Emmanuel House, has already been confirmed where group members will have the opportunity to make their own blend of tea, try a variety of different teas and learn about the health benefits and mixology.

It was also announced to the group that Emmanuel House have been successful in applying for funding to work with Non Such again for a 15 week schedule in the Autumn. Everyone was really please about this and excited for the project to continue.

The Womanuel project ran initially for six weeks and was facilitated by Nottingham-based external creative agency, Nonsuch. Following a recent successful application to the National Lottery Awards for All, the sessions will again be facilitated by Nonsuch for 15 weeks in the Autumn. During the summer, the group will continue to meet for a programme of sessions, as decided and lead by the group members assistant by Emmanuel House Wellbeing Support Team. The sessions are designed to encourage social interaction and offer a relaxed environment in which to express and explore different areas of interest.

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