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At Emmanuel House we support many different people each day from a wide variety of backgrounds and circumstances. Here are just a couple of the stories from people who have used our service

The Moon & Stars Don’t Understand Me.

Translated from a Slovakian service user

I decided to come to England hoping for a successful career either at a university or firm. I started a job in a warehouse where, after two months, I felt comfortable even if it was difficult to move to the next step in a professional career. I was living in a comfortable room, sharing a house with nice guys and hopeful that I could change to another job later down the line. I was positive, making decisions about going back to my country with a ‘new wallet,’ hoping to support my son, visit my family and follow my dreams.

Even when I received news from my supervisor that orders were down, I couldn’t see that I’d lost my job. For me it was like a loose button on a new jacket that I’d bought without thinking; it wasn’t so important because I could always put on a new one. Maybe I’d find a nicer jacket.

After one month not working I’d forgotten the colour of the new jacket. In the morning I was quickly making breakfast; just one slice of bread instead of two. My landlord wasn’t interested in the way of payments but more in the paying. After trying to find a job through agencies and advertising online or in newspapers, plus a job where they didn’t pay me for the hours I had worked, the landlord wasn’t sorry and suddenly I needed the old jacket because the street was very cold at night.


The wish of higher level of life was replaced by priorities to survive; how to get water, food and hygiene. One night two drunk guys came into the abandoned house where I slept pretending to be working; another night two boy looking for drugs who then practiced their karate.

One month two men asked me about my health and gave me a card to visit Framework with a free Samaritan-House-Thanksgiving-2015-6number to call. After a few days with nothing to eat, I had no doubt to profit from it. They also revealed ‘the secret’ of where I could find food; Emmanuel House gave me a huge welcome. To get a hot meal and ashower_2035920b shower after four weeks doesn’t have a price. Unforgettable. My skin and stomach were very grateful and I couldn’t refuse help about how to fill informs to claim state benefit. It took a while until I realised that humanity was my safety boat.

e51aa52e7eb312502f8d1940bd1d7811Sleeping on the street suddenly wasn’t so awful because I can always return to Emmanuel House for a hot coffee and to look for another job. Some people think anything is possible and that finding a job must be the easiest thing, but the reality is different. A place to sleep was still a lottery but the hot coffee in the morning from Emmanuel House was worth it. I also used the PC to start looking for a job again. Going on excursions, I got to know more about Nottingham and its history; going to the swimming pool or just entertainment indoors makes everything better.

At Emmanuel House I’m surrounded by motivation, energy and inspiration every day. It’s hard to say good bye to them every night.
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